We have the dream of improving people's well-being and health, through valuable projects in which the union between Science and Nature represents the fulcrum of our actions and the decisions we make.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with high quality products in full respect of nature and the phytotherapeutic tradition.
We manufacture our products through highly technological processes that keep the active ingredients present in nature as unaltered, in order to safeguard and promote the health and well-being of the person.

Scienza Natura is a manufacturer and distributor of food supplements specialized in carefully researched and selected natural products .
Our line of supplements currently exceeds 100 references and ranges from original multi-ingredient formulas to high quality and selected single-component formulas.


We base the production starting from the concept of  Phytonutrition  that encompasses them all. It involves using the plant in its entirety or extracts rich in active ingredients, duly titrated.
In this way the plant becomes a complete food to support the functions of the organism.

The same principle applies to all of our supplements such as products based on vitamins, amino acids and minerals .
Naturally present in the body, in some situations of deficiency or increased need, these can be integrated and provide essential nourishment for the optimal performance of the numerous organic functions .
To do this they must be of the highest quality and offered in easily assimilable forms .

The very rich reserve of substances present in Nature is therefore maintained and preserved during all processing phases and in the formulations, in order to obtain products that deeply nourish the cells of the entire organism, thanks to a high level of bioavailability .
This allows us to produce food supplements that allow excellent results for maintaining well-being, enhancing the effects of a healthy lifestyle .

"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts"

To preserve the relationships between the active molecules it is necessary to choose carefully the extraction process. Since the complexity of Nature responds to the complexity of man only by keeping the plant in its entirety.


Our staff is able to offer  comprehensive advice  to respond to any type of health request. Thanks to the support of  trained ,  up-to- date  and renowned professionals,  Scienza Natura  can advise you on solutions even in the most difficult problems.


At the service of well-being and in line with nature, in our structure, you can find  medicines . The NATURE SCIENCE PARAPHARMACY of Verona specializes in carefully researched and selected natural products.

We ship throughout Italy (24 hours) and worldwide with the utmost professionalism and speed (DHL). homeopathic remedies,  phytotherapeutic remedies  (dry and fluid extracts),  mineral  and  vitamin supplements ,  floral preparations ,  essential oils  and  natural compounds  of our formulation with valid action proven by the clinical practice of expert doctors.


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